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Uganda emerged Second on Africa continent with most accredited Laboratories

Cape Town SA - 13 Dec 2023

At the 6th Biennial SLMTA Symposium meeting, a pre conference meeting  held on the 10th and 11th December , before the official  biennial conference for the Africa  Society of Laboratory Medicine ( ASLM)   taking place in South African - Cape Town 2023

Uganda  was awarded 2nd place for having the most SLMTA accredited  laboratories second  to Kenya

"We thank the leadership of the Ministry of Health   and pthe department of laboratory services for embracing     quality   laboratory  service delivery and we thank our partners for the support given to use to reach this far," Dr. Susan Nabbada, the Commissioner Laboratory Services at MoH said.

Uganda has 73 internationally accredited human health laboratories both in the public  and  private sector, together with  laboratories in research and academic institutions