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Point of Care testing Pilot for Early Infant Diagnosis(EID)

The Ministry of Health is currently conducting a 6-month pilot of Early Infant HIV Diagnosis (EID) Point of Care (POC) testing using two technologies, GeneXpert and AlereQ. Teams were dispatched to install the platforms and train the facility team on the use of the equipment beginning the week of 4th Feb 2018. Since then, alot of data has been collected and more anticipated which will be used to guide the Ministry of Health on whether these platforms should be scaled up in the country.

In collaboration, Central Public Health Laboratories(CPHL) developed a data management and connectivity solution to collect this data and transmit it to the national database at CPHL. Teams comprising of Program person, Software Developer and Data Officer were dispatched on 19th March 2018 to visit Health facilities to install the Lab Information Management System(LIMS) and train facility personnel on the utilization of the information system.